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Pharmanovia is a fast-growing specialty pharmaceutical company, commercialising and marketing iconic branded prescription medicines around the world

Pharmanovia – The Life Cycle Management Company


The Pharmanovia story

Founded in 2013, the Company has grown from a small family business operating solely in the UK to a global specialty pharma business, marketing more than 25 brands in over 160 markets, operating through more than 10 offices (and constantly growing) with over 280 employees.

Pharmanovia is committed to making medicines available for the benefit of patient health globally in line with the highest ethical standards. The Company focuses on late-stage activities to drive growth: developing, licensing, and acquiring niche speciality products and established brands within the company’s strategic therapeutic areas endocrinology, cardiovascular, neurology and oncology.

Within its strategic therapeutic areas, Pharmanovia acquired tried and trusted medicines and iconic brands from innovator pharma companies, is redeveloping its portfolio by using life cycle management as well as in-licensing novel complementary therapies.  

Why Triton invested

Health is an area where Triton has a lot of experience. The market for pharmaceutical products enjoys stable and long-term growth which is driven by increasing healthcare spending.

Specialty pharma products have a large and recurring patient base and Pharmanovia as the life cycle management company has a successful track record of acquiring iconic, tried and trusted medicines from large cap and specialty pharma companies. Further, Pharmanovia has significant opportunities to drive growth through the development and licensing of complementary and novel therapies.

The investment in Pharmanovia is based on the attractiveness of the business model, the Company’s strong track record as preferred partner to innovator pharma companies and the partnership with the previous owner.

The transformation journey

Triton is working with Pharmanovia to grow both the business and its portfolio of existing brands through marketing and promotion, life cycle management as well as by entering new markets, and moreover, through add-on acquisitions, and in-licensing of complementary and novel therapies. Based on its successful track record and position as the life cycle management company, Triton believes Pharmanovia is well placed to further progress iconic medicines for the benefit of patient health globally.