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A sector-driven, "All Weather" investor

Triton invests in three core sectors that have been our focus since inception in 1997: Business Services, Industrial Tech and Healthcare.

We focus on what we believe are fundamentally sound European companies that are operating below their full potential. We invest behind long-term megatrends in opportunities where we believe our in-depth sector expertise, in-house operational capabilities, and local presence can make a difference.

Our consistent sector focus, in-house expertise, and complementary investment strategies means we can share best practice, ideas and learnings across our teams and portfolio companies.

By staying disciplined, leveraging the expertise across our platform, and repeating successful investment themes, we seek to create differentiated portfolios and consistent strong outcomes throughout economic cycles.

Triton Mid-Market (TMM)

Backing fundamentally sound, mission-critical businesses facing cultural, operational, or structural issues, to rapidly address these challenges and expand the company.

Typically targets equity positions between €200mn - €500mn + in companies with enterprise values of €400m-€2bn+.

Triton Smaller Mid-Market (TSM)

Applying Triton's operational expertise and platform to well-performing smaller mid-cap European companies that are below full potential, with a focus on professionalising, digitising and expanding them.

Typically targets equity positions between €30m-€80m in companies with enterprise values of €70mn-€150mn.

Triton Debt Opportunities (TDO)

Opportunistic credit, with a preference for pull-to-par investing in the senior secured, non-control debt of fundamentally sound mid-market businesses facing temporary cyclical or operational headwinds.

Typically targets investments of up to €60m in companies with enterprise values of up to €500m, acquiring debt at a discount to intrinsic value.

Business Services
Business Services
Industrial Tech
Industrial Tech