A leading producer of complete blood test systems

Phadia was acquired by Triton Fund I in April 2004

Phadia develops, manufactures and markets complete blood test systems to support the clinical diagnosis and monitoring of allergy, asthma and autoimmune diseases. It is the market leader in its field having serviced several of its key customers for over 30 years.

The majority of the workforce was located in Sweden and Germany, where the company operate three manufacturing sites. Its Swedish production sites focused on allergy testing and allergy supply and the German site produced diagnostic tests for autoimmune diseases. Both diagnostic segments were supported by a comprehensive R&D function. Triton acquired Phadia from Pfitzer, a pharmaceutical-multinational.


Triton sold Phadia to Cinven in January 2007.

At a glance
Investment date
April 2001
January 2007
Consumer / Health
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Key events since Triton's investment
  • Completed a successful carve-out from Pfizer
  • Improved sales and marketing
  • Expanded global footprint by advancing programmes in the US and through international acquisitions