A leading provider of technical services for key sectors like the automotive and manufacturing industries

Leadec was acquired by Triton Fund IV in August 2016

The Leadec Group, previously known as Voith Industrial Services, is one of the leading providers of technical services to the automotive industry. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart and employs about 20,000 people worldwide. In 2018 Leadec earned sales of around EUR 900 million. For more than 50 years, Leadec has been supporting its customers along the entire production supply chain. The service provider is based at more than 250 sites, often directly at the customers’ plants and facilities.

Leadec’s global services comprise: Engineer (consulting and engineering), Install (electrical installation, automation, disassembly and reassembly), Maintain (production equipment maintenance and technical cleaning), Support (facility management and internal logistics) as well as other local services. The services are provided either in projects or permanently on-site at the customer's premises.

As technology is revolutionizing the factory, numerous players make factories smart. Leadec is a neutral partner, from a tech and machine perspective, and plugs into everyone’s ecosystem. The internal Smart Factory Group develops digital service offerings and functions as a platform for intensive exchange, also with external technology partners. Leadec helps customers digitize their production processes and make the best use of the opportunities of Industry 4.0. The company continuously explores the development of new technologies to make them applicable to their daily service processes. They look for new technologies which create a value-add for our customers and seek to offer them in a service model (e.g. AGVs).