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Leadec strengthens its modern maintenance expertise


Stuttgart (Germany), 6 May 2020 – Leadec, a Triton Funds IV portfolio company and one of the leading providers of technical services for the automotive and manufacturing industries, is further expanding its portfolio. From June 1, 2020, IVG Göhringer, specializing in instrumentation technology, will belong to the group. With this acquisition, the industrial service provider deepens its technical expertise in predictive maintenance for the factory of the future.

IVG Göhringer, headquartered in Holzgerlingen, has been the contact and problem solver for everything to do with fieldbus systems since 1997. The company adds professional services such as inspections, on-site acceptance measurements and maintenance staff trainings to Leadec’s range of services and it sells high-quality measuring instruments for troubleshooting in production plants.

“IVG Göhringer combines the sale of hardware with in-depth expert knowledge about industrial networks and fieldbus systems. Both are very valuable for advancing our predictive maintenance services,” says Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of Leadec, about the acquisition.

The industrial service provider already relies on intelligent preventive maintenance solutions, for example state-of-the-art sensor and analysis systems including data processing. This results in high plant availability, lower maintenance costs and a particularly low failure risk.

About Leadec

Leadec is a leading provider of technical services for the automotive and manufacturing industries. The company, which is headquartered in Stuttgart, employs about 20,000 people worldwide. In 2019 Leadec earned sales of around EUR 900 million. For more than 50 years, Leadec has been supporting its customers along the entire production supply chain. The service provider is based at more than 300 sites, often directly at the customers’ plants and facilities.

Leadec’s global services comprise: Engineer (Production Planning & Optimization, Automation and Production IT), Install (Electrical Installation, Mechanical Installation and Relocation), Maintain (Production Equipment Maintenance and Technical Cleaning), Support (Technical Facility Management, Infrastructural Facility Management and Logistics) as well as other local services. The services are provided either in projects or permanently on site at the customer’s premises.

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About Triton

Since its establishment in 1997, Triton has sponsored nine funds, focusing on businesses in the industrial, business services, consumer and healthcare sectors. The Triton funds invest in and support the positive development of medium-sized businesses headquartered in Europe.

Triton seeks to contribute to the building of better businesses for the longer term. Triton and its executives wish to be agents of positive change towards sustainable operational improvements and growth.

The 42 companies currently in Triton's portfolio have combined sales of around €17.2 billion and around 81,400 employees.

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