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February 2020
Industrial Tech
Sales 2022
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Javier Goñi (CEO)
Juan Ignacio Navarro (CFO)
David Herrero (Director of Industrial Operations)
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Fertiberia is a leading producer of agricultural and industrial chemical products and solutions in Europe

Fertiberia produces agricultural chemicals used for crop fertilization as well as industrial chemicals used as input materials in various industrial processes and as environmental solutions.

The Fertiberia story

Rebranded in 1995 with the history of predecessor companies dating back to the 1950s, Fertiberia is a leading producer of agricultural and industrial chemical products across the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.

Fertiberia produces and distributes a broad spectrum of fertilizer products, including innovative solutions such as fertilizers enriched with micronutrients as well as coated, liquid and soluble products. Fertiberia’s products and solutions support farmers in growing their crops efficiently, thereby helping to make European agriculture more viable and sustainable.

Additionally, Fertiberia produces a range of chemicals that are utilized in industrial processes and as environmental solutions. For example, the Company is a major producer of AdBlue, which is used to treat the exhaust gases from diesel engines of vehicles and industrial facilities to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Fertiberia has about 1,400 employees operating across 14 production and blending sites, as well as a broad commercial and logistics network strategically located across the Iberian Peninsula.

Why Triton invested

Modern agriculture needs to accomplish two goals: on one side, there is a need for increasing yield to feed a growing and more demanding global population; on the other side, there is a need to make agricultural processes more sustainable from an environmental perspective. Fertiberia’s innovative and efficient products can help to address both needs.

Furthermore, Fertiberia holds a leading position in the Iberian Peninsula due to its long-standing heritage and high brand recognition as well as through its broad production and distribution network, providing a solid foundation to build on as Triton supports the Company in achieving its strategic objectives.

The transformation journey

The Triton team has extensive experience working with industrial companies; specifically, it has first-hand knowledge of investing in the fertilizer sector and other relevant chemical companies.

Triton plans to support management’s strategy of accelerating product innovation and fund investments to make manufacturing processes more efficient and environmentally friendly.