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All4Labels is a leading label manufacturer and a pioneer in digital printing

All4Labels produces sophisticated labels used by leading brands in sectors such as home and personal care, healthcare, and food and beverage.

The All4Labels story

All4Labels is an international label producer and a pioneer in digital printing. It serves local and multinational companies across a wide range of industries. They include home and personal care, healthcare and food and beverage. 

All4Labels Group was formed by the merger of Baumgarten, RAKO and X-label in 2016 and the integration of Nuceria Group in 2018, all of which represent leading labels producers in their core markets in Europe and South America. The combination created one of the industry’s leading labels manufacturers with global reach. Its deep know-how builds on over a century of experience, with its roots tracing back as far as 1881 when Baumgarten was founded.

Labels are an integral part of a brand’s image and help give it shelf appeal at the point of sale. Digital and sophisticated labels provide additional information and security features that can be used to track and trace products and protect against counterfeiting. Smart labels allow customers with smartphones to see reviews, loyalty programs, product offers and product information.

Why Triton invested

The growing world population is driving demand for brand owners. Labels are an important part of product packaging and have high impact at the point of sale at negligible cost.They seek to make the supply chain more efficient, address hygiene and safety requirements and encourage customer engagement.

Triton acquired a stake in the company from an investment firm and will work alongside the owner families who remain invested. Moreover, our experience in the sector and particular expertise in digitalisation made Triton an attractive partner to drive All4Labels further development.

The transformation journey

Triton will bring additional capital and industry expertise to support the expansion of All4Labels. It will use its international network to help All4Labels develop its global reach.

Digitalisation will be a key area of focus. Triton has experience in using digital technology to help companies become more efficient. It will work with All4Labels on further innovation in its products and services.