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United States of America
Investment date
October 2023
Industrial Tech
Hugo Wendling (CEO)
Robert Lydic (President)
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Wavelynx is a leader in the field of secure and open mobile-first identity and access control solutions

Founded in 2013, Wavelynx operates in the fast-growing access control market, designing, developing and assembling mission-critical open hardware and software, including readers, controllers, and mobile credentials. The Company is a first-mover and pioneer in leading the physical security industry towards the adoption of mobile-first access control. Wavelynx is differentiated due to its innovative solutions, strong technology capabilities, and highly experienced management team.

The Company also benefits from key emerging trends in security, including the fast penetration of mobile-first technology and cloud-based security, and the industry’s transition towards interoperability and open system architecture.

Triton invested in Wavelynx, in partnership with the company´s founders, to back its next phase of growth and intends to work closely with Wavelynx management applying 25 years of experience in Industrial Tech investing and security expertise.