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Ramudden Global is a network of infrastructure safety companies

Ramudden Global is a network of infrastructure safety companies providing urban and high-speed traffic management; arboriculture; digital services, and specialisms in infrastructure safety.

The company operates through four stand-alone brands:

Ramudden Group

Founded in Sweden in 2004, Ramudden has grown into a leading provider of temporary traffic control, roadwork safety, and other related services. Ramudden's services include the rental and installation of traffic barriers, signs, and lights, as well as traffic management planning and consultation. The company operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, and Latvia, serving customers in both the public and private sectors.

The Chevron Group

The Chevron Group is the UK’s leading work zone safety company, specialising in the design, planning and physical implementation of temporary traffic management services; highway vegetation management; and innovative and award-winning digital traffic management solutions. The Chevron Group comprises a number of specialist companies across its three divisions of Traffic Management (Chevron Traffic Management, Class One Traffic Management, HBS, Herts Traffic Management and Shift Traffic Events), Vegetation Management and Arboriculture (Chevron Green Services and Chevron Green Consultancy), and Digital Services (HRS).

AVS Verkehrssicherung

AVS Verkehrssicherung is a leading provider of traffic safety solutions in Germany. The company specializes in road safety and traffic management, offering a wide range of services including traffic control, signage, barrier systems, and temporary road markings. It works with public authorities, construction companies, event organizers, and other businesses to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow in a variety of settings.

Fero Group

Established in 2001 and active in the Benelux region, Fero Group is a full-service temporary traffic management provider for its customers, offering tendering, planning, placing, maintenance, completion, and settlement. It provides services to various customers in the government and construction outsourcing sector.


Triton began forming the group through the acquisition of Ramudden in December 2017, followed by AVS and Fero in January 2018, and Chevron in April that same year. Triton has applied its proven buy-and-build strategy throughout the Group, completing more than 45 add-on acquisitions, expanding into adjacent geographies, and developing its digital proposition by rolling out market-leading technology across each business.


Good health and wellbeing  

Through the creation of safe working zones and provision of traffic management services during upgrades of the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Estonian road networks, the business directly contributes to SDG target 3.6 – “halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents”.  


Decent work and economic growth  

Ramudden continuously improves its culture regarding health and safety. It has established a safety committee in all its countries of operation. It has also obtained certification for its health and safety management system in Sweden to the ISO 45001 standard, and intends to roll this out to all its operations.  


Industry, innovation and infrastructure 

Ramudden’s core business is to create safe working zones for contractors who improve the road network in the Nordics. In installing and removing traffic management and ensuring safe passage for the public through roadwork areas, the company supports the maintenance and upgrading of critical infrastructure to Nordic economy and society.