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Kinios expands regional network of orthopedic practices


Frankfurt a.M. / Berlin, Neukirchen-Vluyn, Munich, Seligenstadt (Germany), 24 May 2022 - Kinios GmbH ("Kinios"), part of the the medical care group TMVZ, a Triton Smaller Mid-Cap Fund II portfolio company and partner for owners of orthopaedic practices in strategic issues and succession planning, has expanded the regional network of orthopaedic practices by acquiring stakes in MVZ Orthopädiepraxis Dres. Swart und Di Maio GmbH in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Docortho MVZ GmbH in Berlin, Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum Fachärzte Rhein-Main Dr. Brüning, Dr. Arkan und Kollegen Netzwerk der Emma-Klinik GmbH in Seligenstadt and Pro U MVZ GmbH at Munich Airport and is now represented at 14 locations in Germany. Terms and conditions of the transactions are not discloed.

MVZ Orthopädiepraxis Dres. Swart und Di Maio is a modern practice for orthopedics and trauma surgery specializing in conservative orthopedics with locations in Neukirchen-Vluyn and Rheinberg. The focus of the holistic treatment methods is on therapies that stimulate the body's own regenerative forces to thus combat the causes of pain. The leading doctors Dr. Swart and Dr. Di Maio are experts in focused shock wave therapy and self-developed myofascial techniques. The spectrum of the practice is completed by sports medicine procedures, pediatric orthopedics, osteopathy and various bioregenerative procedures - including plasma therapy.

DocOrtho - Die Bewegungsprofis in Berlin-Mitte, is a modern practice for orthopedics and trauma surgery, hand surgery and general medicine specializing in the treatment of all form and function defects of the musculoskeletal system. The holistic treatment concept is complemented by various training and therapy offers. In addition to sports medicine expertise, DocOrtho offers a wide range of diagnostic, conservative as well as surgical services and looks after numerous athletes and sports teams.

The MVZ Fachärzte Rhein-Main Dr. Brüning, Dr. Arkan und Kollegen operates as an interdisciplinary network of specialists at 6 locations in the Rhine-Main region with more than 20 highly specialized doctors from the specialist areas of orthopedics and trauma surgery, general surgery, vascular and visceral surgery, proctology and plastic and aesthetic surgery. Two of our own outpatient surgery sites and our own private clinic with a central sterilization department complete the network. The network with cooperating hospitals and health insurance companies ensures the outpatient and inpatient treatment of private and health insurance patients alike.

The Pro U MVZ for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery Munich Airport Center is a state-of-the-art practice at the Munich Airport site specializing in the treatment of conservative and operative cases of orthopedics, endoprosthetics, spinal, foot, shoulder, and elbow surgery. For conservative treatment, the MVZ has extensive and state-of-the-art medical technology at its disposal, including shock wave, decompression, and low-frequency therapy. For surgical interventions, the center has its own operating theatre at the airport and cooperates with large clinics in Munich. Together with our own imaging diagnostics, this ensures holistic patient care from diagnostics to conservative or surgical therapy.

The current investments underline Kinios' growth strategy of establishing itself in major metropolitan regions in Germany by the second half of the year. The start was made last year with the investments in Halle Sports Clinic and MVZ Ortho Königsallee in Düsseldorf.

The Kinios team offers owners of orthopaedic practices a partnership that enables them to continue to grow successfully by transferring their practice to Kinios - and at the same time to set the course for their succession.

About Kinios

Kinios GmbH is a partner of orthopedic practice owners and supports them in strategic challenges such as succession planning and generating further growth. For most orthopedic practices, the areas of administration and organization are increasingly tying up resources and leaving the practice owners less and less room to devote themselves to their patients and other core tasks.

By handing over to Kinios and thus connecting to a larger network, this organizational burden is reduced. The Kinios team has many years of experience in the health care sector, especially in the field of practice development. Kinios attaches particular importance to the individual wishes of the practice owners when structuring the partnership.

Kinios GmbH is part of the medical care group TMVZ, a portfolio company of the Triton Smaller Mid-Cap Fund II.

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