Berglandklinik Lüdenscheid acquires gynaecology practices


Frankfurt / Lüdenscheid (Germany), 2 July 2020 -  Berglandklinik Lüdenscheid, a subsidiary of Meine Radiologie Holding, has acquired three gynaecological practices in Lüdenscheid and Halver. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the transactions.

Two of the three practices are located in Lüdenscheid, the third practice is located in Halver, about 10 kilometres west of Lüdenscheid. The seller of the practices is Dr. Jörn Tornow, who will continue to manage the Berglandklinik as clinic director and will now concentrate entirely on his practice at the Berglandklinik. The three practices were integrated into the MVZ Meine Gynäkologie Lüdenscheid. The acquisitions were made as a further step in the expansion of the Berglandklinik Lüdenscheid, which was sold by Dr. Tornow to Meine Radiologie Holding in 2017.

Within the past 12 months, Meine Radiologie Holding has also successfully completed three further acquisitions in the radiology segment, namely MVZ Radiologie und Neurologie Mosbach GmbH, MVZ Radiologie Tempelhof GmbH and Strahlentherapie Augsburg. These transactions underline the ambitions of Meine Radiologie Holding, which is growing successfully and investing in additional locations despite the current difficult market environment.

Triton invested in the former Deutsche Radiologie Holding in January 2019.

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Meine Radiologie Holding (formerly Deutsche Radiologie Holding) was founded in 2017. Headquartered in Frankfurt / Main, Meine Radiologie Holding accompanies radiological, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy practices on the path to succession planning as a financially strong investor and professional management partner. The team has many years of experience and extensive practical expertise in this field.

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