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Meine Radiologie Holding to acquire MRT Praxis Bad Kreuznach


Frankfurt / Bad Kreuznach (Germany), 5 July 2021 - Meine Radiologie Holding ("MRH") has acquired MRT-Praxis Bad Kreuznach ("MRT-Praxis"), a private practice for specialist radiological MRI examinations, effective July 1, 2021. It is the third location of Meine Radiologie Holding in Rhineland-Palatinate.  Terms and conditions of the transaction are not disclosed.

The practice in Bad Kreuznach under the management of Dr. Stefan Kessler offers private patients and self-payers medical MRI diagnostics at the highest technical level with a 3 Tesla MRI device. The practice also has approval from the professional associations for MRI examinations of patients after occupational accidents.

In December 2020, MRH acquired the Radiology Centre in Speyer with two practices, thus opening up a new regional cluster for further acquisitions. With the MRT Praxis Bad Kreuznach, which will be organisationally affiliated to the radiology center in Speyer, MRH is further expanding its presence in Rhineland-Palatinate. Dr. Stefan Kessler is leaving the practice at his own request after the handover and is handing over the medical management to Dr. Alexander Hanke. Dr. Rene Walser and Dr. Alexander Hanke will take over the management.

The transaction is another step in MRH's growth strategy, which it is successfully implementing despite a recently difficult market environment. In the past 24 months, MRH has been joined by the Radiological Centre in Speyer, Diagnostikum Berlin, MVZ Radiologie und Neurologie Mosbach GmbH, MVZ Radiologie Tempelhof GmbH and Strahlentherapie Augsburg. In addition, three gynaecological practices in Lüdenscheid and Halver were acquired by the MRH subsidiary Berglandklinik Lüdenscheid.

Triton invested in Meine Radiologie Holding (formerly Deutsche Radiologie Holding) in January 2019.


About Meine Radiologie Holding

Meine Radiologie Holding (formerly Deutsche Radiologie Holding) was founded in 2017. Meine Radiologie Holding, based in Frankfurt am Main, supports radiological, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy practices as a financially strong investor and professional management partner on the path of succession planning. The team has many years of experience and comprehensive practical knowledge in this field.

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