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WernerCo acquires ZARGES Group


Schaffhausen (Switzerland)/Greenville, PA (United States of America)/Weilheim (Germany), 18 January 2018 – WernerCo, a Triton IV fund company and an international manufacturer and distributor of access products, fall protection equipment, secure storage systems and light duty construction equipment, has today completed the acquisition of ZARGES Group, following receipt of regulatory approvals. The parties’ operations are very complementary and the acquisition enhances WernerCo’s position as a market leader for industrial climbing products and storage and transport containers in Europe. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price or further details of the transaction.

“ZARGES Group is a strong market player in continental Europe and will join WernerCo’s portfolio of industry leading brands. Both companies operate in complementary markets with the same understanding on product quality, design and delivery. This transaction is an important milestone to continue our strategic plan to deliver innovative products and systems to our global customers,” said Edward Gericke, President of Americas business of WernerCo and currently acting CEO.

“ZARGES Group has a strong reputation in the European market and is excellent positioned for the coming years. Innovative technologies and strong expertise in high-quality materials make ZARGES a leader in major business sectors such as professional access, storage solutions and special construction. This partnership will open new opportunities for both companies”, added Tom Kaiser, CEO of ZARGES.

“Under the ownership of funds managed by Baird Capital and Granville as well as VR Equitypartner GmbH and the management team, ZARGES Group has successfully focused on its core activities and has achieved impressive improvements”, said Mathias Schirmer, member of the advisory board of the company and Partner at Baird Capital.

“ZARGES is a great company with its focus on product innovation and quality. We are convinced about the positive development of the firm as well as the benefit for both, WernerCo and ZARGES. We are looking forward to supporting the company’s growth trajectory in the coming years,” said Ruth Linz, Investment Advisory Professional and Advisor to the Triton Funds.

About ZARGES Group

ZARGES Group, based in Weilheim, Germany, is a global player with a workforce of approximately 800 in 3 production sites in Europe, selling into various markets including Germany, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands. Innovative technologies and established experience with high-quality aluminium make ZARGES the leading company in the three major business sectors: Professional Access – Storage Solutions – Special Construction. ZARGES products combine the multiple benefits of aluminium such as high stability with low weight, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use. ZARGES has the right solution for every demand and can also offer customised solutions. Regardless of whether they are from industry, craftsmen, services or trade, the customers value ZARGES as a reliable partner and benefit from the quality, expertise and comprehensive service that they enjoy for many years after purchasing ZARGES products.

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About WernerCo

WernerCo is an international manufacturer and distributor of access products, fall protection equipment, secure storage systems and light duty construction equipment. Its portfolio of industry leading brands include Werner, KNAACK®, WEATHER GUARD®, Youngman®, BoSS®, Centaure, Duarib, Haemmerlin and Bailey.  WernerCo has manufacturing, warehousing, sales, distribution and office facilities in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Hungary, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. Werner’s global headquarters are in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and its US headquarters are in Greenville, Pennsylvania.

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