Unica acquires measurement and regulation specialist Numan & Kant


Hoevelaken (The Netherlands), 2 March 2020  - Unica, a Triton portfolio company and a technical service provider has acquired Netherlands based company Numan & Kant. Numan & Kant is a product-independent provider of solutions for measurement and control technology and provides total projects for air-conditioning systems in buildings. With the acquisition, Unica strengthens its position in the field of building intelligence, both in terms of knowledge and capacity and in a regional presence. For Numan & Kant, joining Unica offers the opportunity to enter the next growth phase.

Numan & Kant serves various leading clients in healthcare, higher education, high-quality real estate and research. The company has more than 50 employees and, as a product-independent provider of total projects, has a great deal of experience with various buildings. Numan & Kant works both for end users and on behalf of industry peers. Just like a few other companies in the Unica network, Numan & Kant will continue to operate independently and under its own name. Numan & Kant has an excellent reputation with its customers in its region and therefore maintains its own office.

After the takeover, Numan & Kant becomes part of the Unica Building Intelligence cluster. Within this cluster, Unica and Unica Building Automation and Regel Partners already have a great deal of knowledge of measurement and control technology and building intelligence. With Numan & Kant, the knowledge and capacity of this cluster is expanded and several renowned customers are added to the portfolio. Moreover, the cluster with Numan & Kant is also more strongly represented in the southwestern Netherlands, where Unica has even less presence with its building intelligence activities.

Unica CEO John Quist is pleased with the acquisition of Numan & Kant. “The intelligence in the built environment is increasing rapidly, so we see an increasing demand for services in measurement and control technology. Operationally, Numan & Kant fits in perfectly with Unica. The company is progressive, works brand independent and is complementary to the portfolio of the other companies in the Unica Building Intelligence cluster. Numan & Kant is led by two purebred entrepreneurs, so it also fits in perfectly with Unica in terms of ambition and entrepreneurship. ”

These entrepreneurs are Paul Numan and André Kant. Since its creation at the beginning of this century, the name givers have developed the company into an established top 3 player in its (niche) market in the Netherlands and a respected name as a specialist in measurement and control technology. They want to enter the next growth phase with their company, as part of a total provider of technical services. “The demand for our specialty is growing, but more and more integration with other building-related installations is also needed. Unica has these disciplines in-house, so as part of Unica, Numan & Kant can offer a broader and higher-quality service package to customers. We are entering the next growth phase of our company and would like to do that together with a more powerful party that we have found in Unica" explains Paul Numan and André Kant. Both remain as directors of the company and receive the same freedoms and responsibilities as the branch managers of Unica.

The acquisition of Numan & Kant is the fifth acquisition of Unica in the past year and a half. Since December 2018 the companies Dotwood (cluster ICT Solutions), Boele Fire Protection (cluster Fire Safety), Brainpact (cluster Industry Solutions) and Synto (cluster Building Services) have also become part of the Unica network of companies. In the current year, Unica expects to make even more acquisitions, both to further strengthen specialized activities and in the form of further expansion to strengthen its regional presence.

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