Triton has signed an agreement to acquire Dantaxi 4x48


Copenhagen (Denmark) / Virum (Denmark) 12 October 2018 – Funds advised by Triton (“Triton”) have signed an agreement to acquire the companies commonly referred to under the brand Dantaxi 4x48. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

Dantaxi 4x48 is a haulier-owned Danish taxi company created through the merger between Dantaxi and 4x48 TaxiNord in January 2017. Dantaxi 4x48 is the largest taxi company in Denmark with more than 1,600 taxis and nationwide coverage.

"We want to support the management and employees of Dantaxi 4x48 by investing in and supporting the growth and development of the company. We look forward to working together with the management team and the Board of Directors in building a stronger company", said Peder Prahl, Director of the General Partner for the Triton funds.

“During the last five to seven years, our growth strategy has resulted in Dantaxi 4x48 becoming the largest taxi company in Denmark and the only taxi operator with national coverage. We have established the infrastructure, technology and capacity to offer drivers anywhere in Denmark an optimal platform for their business to thrive. Backed by Triton’s financial strength, experience and competencies, we will accelerate our efforts to build a true market leader and a front-runner in the professionalization of the industry”, says Carsten Aastrup, CEO of Dantaxi 4x48.

“The on-going de-regulation of the Danish taxi market is reshaping the industry, and Dantaxi 4x48 is well-positioned to expand and leverage its leading position in this growing market. Demand for flexible transportation is on the rise, and we expect the industry to grow with a larger fleet of taxis and an increased focus on digitalization to the benefit of customers. Triton will contribute with active and focused ownership aiming to create long-term value for Dantaxi 4x48 based on our experience driving operational improvements and industry consolidation to ensure long-term competitiveness”, says Oscar Mosgaard, Senior Industry Expert at Triton.

About Dantaxi 4x48

Dantaxi 4x48 is a Danish haulier-owned taxi company created through the merger between Dantaxi and 4x48 TaxiNord in January 2017. The company is the only nationwide aggregator of taxiservices in Denmark and with more than 1,600 taxis associated, Dantaxi 4x48 is the market leader. In 2017, the company generated gross revenue of  around DKK 1.6 billion and completed around 7 million trips.

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