Triton announces creation of LeDap - Europe´s leading Padel Group


Stockholm (Sweden), 25 October 2021 Triton announces the establishment of LeDap Group (“LeDap” or the “Group”), a leading platform driving the growth, innovation, digitalization and professionalization of Padel, a racquet sport combining elements of tennis and squash, in Europe and across the globe.

LeDap has been made possible through a pan-European market consolidation that included more than 30 acquisitions which Triton has supported in partnership with management teams, co-owners and passionate Padel entrepreneurs. LeDap is established in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Estonia and Austria. The companies at the core of the Group are focused on operating Padel centres in their respective countries. Today, the Group manages more than 90 centres with over 600 Padel courts.

As of October 2021, the main Group companies include We Are Padel (Sweden), Just Padel (Norway), Padel Club Finland, Padel Tampere, ProPadel (Finland), and Padel Zone (Austria).  Several additional locations have been contracted and will be opening in the coming months. By the end of 2022, LeDap expects to be present in more than 200 locations and operate more than 1,700 courts.

“LeDap offers many of the key aspects that we look for in an investment – strong and accelerating structural growth, a clear ESG agenda where we can contribute to increased physical activity, and the opportunity to build a digital ecosystem around the sport. Our ambitions are high, we strive to make Padel available to all, and in partnership with the global padel community, we want LeDap to contribute to making Padel an Olympic sport.” says Per Agebäck, Co-Head of Triton’s Consumer Sector.

LeDap will support the expansion of Padel by providing infrastructure and inspiration for all types of Padel players. The Group is also investing significantly to ensure that children and the younger generation have the opportunity to play the sport and increase their level of physical activity through a fun and inclusive experience. LeDap Group’s companies therefore seek to establish close cooperation with local Padel sport associations in the communities where they are active.

Pontus Gustafsson, Chairman of We Are Padel and appointed group CEO of LeDap: “We love the sport of Padel and are excited about the partnership with Triton. We have worked side by side to form LeDap and see tremendous opportunity to develop the sport going forward, as well as to expand and promote the Padel associations for children and younger players. Padel is characterized by passion and entrepreneurship. With LeDap, we add ambition and a holistic strategic approach that will help the sport grow and professionalize globally.”

In the establishment of the company, Triton has been advised by Urban Johansson, (owner of Swedish Padel Open) and Hernan Auguste (former #1 Padel player in the world and former International Manager at the World Padel Tour), both who have accepted to assume active roles in the company going forward.

LeDap has been established with backing of Triton’s EUR 5.2 billion Fund V and additional capital has been ear-marked to support further investments in the sport and continued growth globally through organic rollouts and further acquisitions.

“We look forward to actively supporting the management and employees of LeDap to continue consolidating the global Padel market, invest in organic expansion, and enrich the Padel community via increased awareness and understanding of the sport. Our long experience in decentralized businesses and our strong sector knowledge within leisure combined with our international network of experts will further strengthen LeDap’s position as a leading Padel group“ says Peder Prahl, CEO and Managing Partner.

About LeDap

LeDap, established in 2021, is an international group of padel companies, currently present in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Estonia and Austria. LeDap operates more than 90 centres with over 600 padel courts and aims to become the world’s leading platform to drive the growth, innovation, digitalization, and professionalization of the sport of Padel. LeDap strives to make Padel available to all and will expand the padel sport by providing infrastructure and inspiration for all types of padel players, with a vision to actively contribute to making padel an Olympic sport. By the end of 2022, LeDap expects to be present in more than 200 locations and operate more than 1,700 courts. Ready. Set. Go. #letsplay

About Triton

Since its establishment in 1997, Triton has sponsored ten funds, focusing on businesses in the industrial tech, services, consumer and healthcare sectors. The Triton funds invest in and support the positive development of medium-sized businesses headquartered in Europe.

Triton seeks to contribute to the building of better businesses for the longer term. Triton and its executives wish to be agents of positive change towards sustainable operational improvement and growth.

The 50 companies currently in Triton's portfolio have combined sales of around EUR 18.1 billion and employ around 104,500 employees.

About Padel

Padel was invented in Acapulco, Mexico, in 1969 and is today one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Generally regarded as an unusually fun, energizing and accessible racquet sport, Padel combines elements of tennis and squash, played in an enclosed court surrounded by glass walls and meshed metallic panels, divided by a netting in two halves. The sport is usually played in doubles, using lower-pressure tennis balls and special stringless racquets designed for Padel. The ball can bounce of any wall but can only hit the turf once before being returned. The same scoring system is used as in tennis.

As a sport, Padel is quickly attracting new players around the world. As it often appreciated for being both quick and easy to pick up, as well as for its social aspects, it allows players to meet and interact during the games. Padel is also more strategic in nature, and less dependent on sheer strength and technical skills. It is therefore equally suitable for players of all ages and skills, and ideal for men, woman, young, and old to play together

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