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Mehiläinen completes acquisition of Mediverkko


Helsinki (Finland), 2 February 2015 - Triton Fund III portfolio company Mehiläinen has successfully closed the acquisition of Mediverkko, a Finnish public-pay healthcare and social services provider. It is intended that the business will be merged with Mehiläinen, the Finnish private provider of health care and social services, which was initially acquired by Triton III in March 2010 as part of the Ambea transaction.

Mediverkko is active in three healthcare segments: Primary Care, including clinics, health stations and doctor services; Social Care, comprising nursing homes, home care and child welfare activities; and Dental Care. The combined generated turnover was approximately € 365 million in 2013, and the combined facilities include over 100 hospitals, clinics and assisted living homes throughout Finland. The combined entity will employ approximately 9,000 professionals and will be one of the largest domestic employers in Finland.

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