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EQOS Energie builds 5G transmission tower in the Erzgebirge


Biberach (Germany), 2 September 2019 – EQOS Energie, a Triton Fund IV portfolio company and internationally active infrastructure service provider, has set up a mobile lattice tower for 5G network operations installation in Schlettau / Erzgebirge for its customer Vodafone GmbH. The city is one of 50 locations that will initially be equipped by Vodafone with the new mobile radio standard. Through this 5G standard implementation, a 24-kilometer rail line can be used in testing automated rail travel. After the successful launch of the 5G grid expansion in Linz, Austria, the first 5G projects in Germany are now being implemented for EQOS Energie.  

The use of mobile steel lattice masts makes it possible to connect the mobile radio standard 5G very quickly on site. Mobile masts also make it possible to better respond to conceptual changes in the rail project when needed. Other advantages of the mobile design are the small footprint and faster installation. The construction of mobile masts also offers the same possible uses while requiring a relatively small effort when building the foundation. 

This upgrade to 5G in Schlettau is planned primarily to facilitate the real-time data transmission of the Bahncampus project. It enables the autonomous control of trains under real conditions to be tested. Information can be passed on through the 5G network without any human being perceiving the respective delay. The move to nationwide 5G coverage will take some time. A total of 50 5G stations are already broadcasting for Vodafone in various cities and rural areas. As a result of the mobile transmission tower in the Erzgebirge, the communications technology experts at EQOS Energie are supporting the operator’s network expansion of to 5G. EQOS Energie is decisively involved in introducing key technology vital for taking step into the digital future. 

About EQOS

EQOS Energie is one of the leading providers in the area of complex technical infrastructures. Whether it is a complete solution or selective support: Currently, about 1,600 employees are working in almost 30 locations in five different countries. The company specialises in services in the industries of energy, telecommunications and traffic. The expertise covers the entire value chain – from engineering and fitting to maintenance.

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