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ENEXIO won the German Brand Award 2017


Herne/Berlin (Germany), 3 July 2017 – ENEXIO, a Triton Fund IV company, was awarded a prize in the category of “Machines & Engineering” for its outstanding brand management over the last few years.

The history of ENEXIO extends back to 1935 when company founder Otto Happel, in collaboration with engineer Dr. Kurt Lang, developed the first air-cooled condenser for stationary steam turbines. Almost 80 years later, GEA Group AG sold its heat exchanger segment with headquarters in Bochum to Triton Partners. A new brand identity has been developed for the future repositioning as an independent Group of companies in 2015.

With the support of the new owner, former GEA Energietechnik and its subsidiary companies became ENEXIO. Not only does the name connect the company’s core values of “Energy, Engineering, Excellence”, the whole new corporate presence is meant to mirror the design of the company. Development included various internal and external marketing and communication actions for the brand formation of ENEXIO – accompanied by a new website, an active and new social media presence, a new trade fair and advertising concept as well as internal communication activities – followed an intense integration process in the build-up phase.

Only those companies nominated by the German Brand Institute for the German Brand Award 2017 can take part in the Brand Award. Up to ten “best brand strategies” are awarded as winners in the categories of “Industry Excellence in Branding” and “Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation.” An independent jury of brand experts from different disciplines decides the German Brand Award winners.

Mr. Jetmir Shaini, Head of Marketing and Public Relations at ENEXIO, is pleased about the award and the appreciation and recognition it entails: “The nomination itself, among also very successful brands from almost all business sectors, has been a great success for us. To be invited to the Award-Show and be privileged enough to be a Winner was delightful and a special honor for all of us!  A brand appearance lives from being interpreted correctly – in all its facets and in its external presentation. For us, the award means that ENEXIO as a brand approach has been understood just as well as the many communication initiatives with which we want to make the company identifiable and visible to our target groups."


The former Power Cooling division of GEA Group AG – ranges from Air Cooled Condensers, Heller Technology®, Wet Cooling Towers including Service for Wet and Dry applications to 2H Water Technologies – operates separately and independently under the new Name ENEXIO. ENEXIO is a reflection of what we do and what we have accomplished as pioneer in the field of industry-, process-, and power plant cooling as well as water and wastewater treatment over decades. At the same time, our name is a promise to our customers and business partners – ENEXIO stands for Energy. Engineering. Excellence.

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