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  • Our team is local with an international approach

    Our executives have extensive backgrounds in advising on private equity investing as well as skills in fund raising & investor relations, finance & fund administration, governance, compliance and risk monitoring.

    Triton and its portfolio companies also benefit from a range of strategic, operational, commercial, financing and structuring services provided by West Park Management Services.

  • We partner with experienced industry executives, some of whom are part of the Triton Industry Board. In addition to providing advice to active investments, these senior executives bring sector and operational expertise to Triton when sourcing, originating and evaluating new opportunities. They also provide valuable insights about longer-term sector and international trends.

    Portfolio company decisions are made by each portfolio company's board. We are grateful to all the CEOs, senior executives and board members that have chosen to partner with us. The success of the businesses that Triton has invested in is the result of their expertise and dedicated work.