Triton Smaller Mid-Cap Fund

Triton Smaller Mid-Cap Fund (TSM) was established in 2017 and seeks to invest in mid-cap companies through a typical equity investment of €20m to €50m. TSM invests across the industrials, business services and consumer / health sectors. The geographical focus is on Northern Europe.

General Partner Address
Triton Smaller Mid-Cap General Partner Limited
Charter place (1st Floor)
23-27 Seaton Place
St Helier
Investment Adviser Address
Triton Investments Advisers LLP represented by its governing member Triton Advisers Limited
9 South Street, 3rd Floor
London W1K 2XA

Annual investors meeting

Triton’s Annual Investor Meeting was held in Zurich in October 2018. It was two full days where our investment professionals, senior industry experts and portfolio company managers gave investors an update on the performance of their investments with Triton.

During the meetings, investors learnt more about TDO and TSM. They also received updates on the performance of the Triton portfolio companies as well as more in-depth presentations from some of the CEOs. Investors also had the opportunity to speak directly to CEOs and representatives from the deal teams through the roundtable sessions.

Key themes and messages this year included the continued focus on our sectors as well as talent management, both in Triton and in the portfolio companies.

As always, it was useful for us to hear what our investors think and to get their feedback.