Triton Value Fund (TVF)

In 2009, Triton established a dedicated team to invest in minority positions in publicly listed companies, using a private equity approach. Initially such investments were made from Triton's private equity funds, however since July 2015 such investments have also been made from a separate public equity fund, the Triton Value Fund (TVF).


“As an active owner our aim is to be a constructive and responsible partner to boards and management teams of public companies. Using our fundamental research-driven private equity style approach to value investing, we combine the resources of the greater Triton platform to develop multiple avenues to support companies and seek to unlock their full potential”

TVF Team

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy seeks to identify fundamentally sound public companies that are facing temporary challenges due to structural change, cyclical headwinds, or operational issues. TVF focuses mainly on investment opportunities in small/mid-cap companies in Western Europe in the industrials, business services and consumer sectors. These are the same sectors, size ranges and region in which Triton specialises, enabling TVF to effectively leverage Triton’s expertise.

Our investment process includes a detailed due diligence with a clear identification of areas of improvement and key value drivers. Once identified, TVF typically takes a minority position and synergises Triton’s platform and network to actively drive a value creation agenda.

We construct a concentrated portfolio which ranges from small stakes to ownership positions of up to 30%. The size of each investment can vary from €5 million to €100 million.

TVF is typically a long-term owner, providing management with a stable and reliable partner whilst working proactively with other shareholders to pursue programmes of improvement.   

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