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We invest in minority positions in public companies using a private equity approach
We invest in minority positions in public companies using a private equity approach
We invest in minority positions in public companies using a private equity approach

Public Equity

Triton Value Fund (TVF)

In 2009, Triton established a dedicated team to invest in minority positions in publicly listed companies. Subsequently, such investments have been made from Triton's private equity funds. Starting in 2015, investments have also been made from a separate public equity fund.

Investment Strategy

TVF seeks to leverage Triton's experience and deal flow to invest in minority stakes in public companies. TVF mainly focuses on investments in small/mid-cap companies in Western Europe in the industrials, business services and consumer sectors. These are the same regions, sectors and size ranges as the other Triton funds.

TVF generally applies Triton's private equity methodology to its investments. This includes detailed due diligence prior to investment and leveraging Triton's sector, regional, and functional expertise. In addition, TVF may actively support its portfolio companies by working with other owners, the board and management using selective parts of Triton's ownership model.

TVF typically invests in fundamentally sound companies that are facing temporary challenges due to structural change, cyclical headwinds, or operational issues. We believe that many of these companies may benefit from the expertise, experience and resources that TVF can provide as an active minority investor.

Investments range from small stakes to ownership positions of up to 30%. The size of each investment typically ranges from €5 million to €100 million.


“We drive performance by conducting our structured private equity style due diligence methodology to public companies and being a partner to management teams and boards striving to achieve the full potential in every situation. “

Roger Hagborg, TVF Investment Advisory Committee Member & Investment Advisory Professional

The TVF team holds extensive experience in public markets investing and consists of seven Investment Advisory Professionals based in Stockholm and Frankfurt. The team makes recommendations to an Investment Advisory Committee. As a Triton integrated team, TVF benefits from cross-sharing resources and active participation in sector activities. Senior Industry Experts typically assist the TVF team in analyzing investment opportunities and implementing value creation initiatives in portfolio companies.

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