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ENEXIO was acquired by Triton Fund IV in October 2014

ENEXIO provides cooling solution for power generation efficiency while assuring cooling water economy. Its wide product portfolio ranges from all dry air cooled condensers (ACC) and Heller technologies to all wet cooling towers, united through dry/wet combinations with evaporative add-ons. The company also offers cooling tower and water/wastewater components as well as the ecological Circumix technology.

Prior to Triton ownership, ENEXIO was the Power Cooling Solutions division within the GEA Group AG's Heat Exchanger segment. The former division became a standalone company, and in November 2015 was branded ENEXIO. The two remaining Heat Exchanger segments have also become standalone and independent companies, namely DencoHappel (formerly Air Treatment) and Kelvion (formerly Heat Exchanger Systems).

 Key events since Triton's investment:

  • Supported the company in rebranding and becoming an independent and standalone company
  • ENEXIO was nominated for “German Brand Award 2017”

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Triton IV

Acquisition date:
October 2014


Board of directors:
Ludger Kramer (Chairman)
Nick Ghoussaini
Marc Weber

Company website:

Joseph Zwetolitz (CEO)
Jörg Marzi (CFO)

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